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Top 5 Effective Skin Care Tips You Need To Know In 2022

Having good skin is essential in your overall image. Good skin makes you look more radiant, clean, and youthful. You can also spend lesser time covering up your blemishes. Here’s 5 effective skin care tips you absolutely need to know to maintain that perfect youthful skin!

1. Apply Your Sunscreen

Person with sunscreen applied on face


Always apply your sunscreen to protect your face!

It might seem like a hassle but it’s important to wear your sunscreens every day, especially in a country like Singapore. Sunscreen protects the skin, reducing the risk of skin cancer. It can also prevent signs of early aging. Exposure to UV rays ages your skin, causing a loss of collagen and skin elasticity. This is how wrinkles are formed. It can also cause pigmentation, which might cause sunspots. This will result in an uneven skin tone. 

To prevent this, apply sunscreen daily (ideally SPF 30 or higher) especially important due to Singapore’s hot weather and remember to reapply it every two hours, depending on how often you come into contact with sunlight. 

2. Hydration Is Essential

Dehydrated skin vs hydrated skin


Dehydrated skin vs hydrated skin

Hydrated skin is the foundation of having good skin. Lost of moisture in your skin makes it easier for you to get fine lines and wrinkles. Dehydrated skin can also lead to oily skin. The lack of moisture will induce your skin to produce more oil to keep it hydrated. 

3. Minimalism, Less is better

Amber Beila Facial Products


Less products you use the better, keep things minimalist!

More people are starting to realize that at times, less is more. Applying too many products and ingredients on your skin can cause more harm than good. Hence, having a simple skin care routine is the way to go in 2022. You could have a day or two in the month where you do a more profound routine but keep it simple most of the time.

4. Don’t Pick Your Skin

Amber beila beautician doing skin exfoliation

Skin exfoliation should only be done by professionals! Never pick your own skin!

This tip never gets old. Don’t pick your skin or touch your face unnecessarily. The bacteria and dirt on your hands could go into your pores, causing inflammations. Scarring can occur if you pick your skin too often. 

Did you know that skin picking is actually a disorder? If you are constantly picking your skin and your skin bleeds and get bruised, you can visit a GP to find a remedy for it. 

5. Consistency Is The Key

Amber Beila Beautician doing facial treatment on client


Prevention is the best cure, other than your daily routine, facial treatments definitely can help long term!

Skin care is a long-term process. Just like nursing your health, you need to nurse your skin daily for it to remain healthy and beautiful. Your skin comes into contact with dirt, bacteria, and UV rays all the time so your maintenance needs to be consistent too. Even with facial treatments, you need to do it consistently due to the ongoing damages and aging your skin is experiencing.

Yes, even with facial treatments and daily skin care routine, consistency is still the key!

With these 5 effective skin care tips, maintaining your skin in tip-top condition is a sure fire way for long term! For professional facial treatments, look for your local beauty salon or right here at amber beila!