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Skin Health 101

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Thus, it needs the basic respect and care you need to give it. You want to put your best face forward as you face the world through work, leisure or everyday living. Your skin’s health speaks of your care for it. It ultimately affirms that your friends, family, or colleagues are taking of it and that you cherish its health.

Here are some pearls of wisdom from a handful of dermatologists who share the kindred spirit for good skincare tips.

1) Always wash your face before you turn in for the night. No matter how tired you are, never sleep in your makeup or skincare lotions you apply during the day. A good face wash and at least one minute of gentle cleansing should do the trick.

2) Remember the moisturiser! Even with oily skin, you should never let your skin go without it. Drying out your skin can make acne worse. Get a moisturiser that can absorb surface oil to create a matte finish.

3) Be gentle on your skin. Being too tough on your skin via washcloths or harsh scrubs can do more harm than good. Do not scrub too hard, which can cause skin irritation. Get a salicylic scrub to slough off dead skin cells as you cleanse away gently.

4) A morning wash is vital to remove remnants of sweat, oil and your past night’s lotions and serums. Washing your face in the morning with warm water and light cleanser can unclog pores and open them up to make them breathe.

5) Stop touching your face during the day. Blemishes are formed when your hands and fingers containing bacteria get transferred to your face when you touch them. If you need to touch a part of your face, ensure you wash your hands or sanitise it.

6) Get into a shower! Right after exercise or any periods of heavy sweating through any activity, ensure you get a proper bath. Bacteria can form on the skin and create inflammation and breakouts, especially when trapped in your athletic garments. So, it’s important to shower right after exercise!

7) Regular exfoliation — Removing the layers of dead skin cells and dirt is critical because it prevents your pores from being blocked. You’ll want to invest in lactic acid or alpha-hydroxy washing lotions to slough off dead skin cells as you cleanse your face. You can do this twice a week.

8) Don’t over-wash! While cleansing is essential, washing it too often can strip your skin of natural oils. Over-cleansing makes your body overcompensate, and you start to get oiler skin, which can cause acne. If your skin still feels oil right after a wash, but you don’t want to wash again, opt for an astringent/toner after cleansing to close up your skin pores.

9) Wash your pillowcase! Do you know that your pillowcase can harbour acne-causing bacteria? Our nightly sleep causes our pillowcases to collect bacteria. Over time, as you lie on it, your skin is prone to inflammation, allergy and breakouts. It’s critical to change your pillowcases every few days.

10) Wash your makeup brushes! Your brushes pick up dead skin cells and bacteria, accumulating over time. Unclean brushes can lead to breakouts if you don’t wash your brushes regularly. Wash your brushes in warm water and light detergent once a week and let them dry out completely.

11) Sleep and have some shut-eye! Sleep is vital to skin health. That Netflix binge-watching till 2 am won’t be healthy for your skin. Your hormones get out of whack if you don’t get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, and this increases cortisol levels, causing your skin to break out.

12) Sunscreen protection. Wear sunscreen every day. Your skin needs protection, whether outdoors or sitting by the window sipping your coffee and typing away at work. Look for a sunscreen with SPF that serves as a moisturiser. Get one that is “oil-free”, “oil-controlling”, or “lightweight”. Also, a sunscreen with a PA++ rating protects you from UVA and UVB rays.

13) Eat a diet rich in colours — red and blueberries, red peppers, tomatoes, and grapes are beneficial for your skin’s defence and keep your antioxidant levels in check.

14) Drink lots of water to stay hydrated! Remember, your skin is a living, breathing organ. Our skin contains 64% water!

15) Quit smoking. Yes, you heard us. Smoking is terrible for your skin. All the thousands of chemicals inhaled from your tobacco pursuit will hurt your skin in the long term. It’s time to ditch your smoking habit if you want to enjoy healthy, glowing skin!

16) Consistency is key. If you want to enjoy great skin, care for it daily. Daily skincare is essential; you must stick to a consistent regimen. Sporadic skincare will not help nor create overnight miracles. If you’re too lazy to get into a skincare regime, why consider speaking to amberbeila therapists, who can assist you set up a regular facial treatment? A regular facial treatment will ensure your skin deserves the best cleansing, nourishing, and healing moments.