OPT Back Acne Treatment

OPT Back Acne Treatment

Oil-Free B-Acne Removal combining the use of Optimal Pulse Technology and P-Acne Solution to effectively remove B-Acne. This technology penetrates light pulses into skin tissues to rejuvenate skin, target pigmented areas and cure acne causing bacteria without any discomfort. See the visible result in one session!

OPT Back Acne Treatment Singapore

Some benefits of OPT Back Acne Treatment include,

  • Remove back acne
  • Lighten pigmentation
  • Relieves uneven back skin tone


Best Suitable For:

Ladies and Gentleman who are looking for a treatment for back acne or uneven back skin tone.

Fun Fact!

There are many factors contributing to back acne. These causes can be genetics, hormones, environmental heat or even stress. Achieve flawless back with our OPT Back Acne Treatment. A powerful optimum pulse light treatment to cure acne and even out skin tone.

Trial session is available for first time customers. Visit our Facebook or Instagram (@amberbeilaSG) to inquire today!

Reviews from Our Clients

“It was my first time going to Amber Beila. It was a great experience for me. The staff were so friendly and were being so good to me. Love their Massage and the body treatment! Will be back for the treatment soon!” – Review from Customer at Raffles Place

My first ever experience on facial is at Amber Beila. It has helped me to improve on my pimples breakouts and my skin is now much more in control with healthy glows. Apart from this, I had my back acne treatment here as well, it is so effective that my back acne for years gets cured and the reoccurrence decreases. Highly recommend it!”Review from Customer at Beauty World

“Best skin service with very nice staff. Thanks Liz and team for taking care of my skin and back.” – Review from Customer at Beauty World

*Treatment results vary according to individual’s skin condition.

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