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Niacinamide – A Skin Supplement That’s Good For All Ages!


Niacinamide can be used to reverse the signs of ageing, brighten skin, calm redness, decrease the appearance of pores, and reduce hyperpigmentation, to name a few of the benefits.

Niacinamide – you’ve probably heard this word when it comes to skincare. What is it? What does it do to your skin? Niacinamide is part of the vitamin B3 compound. While it is notably spoken less about when compared to other ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, and hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide provides an array of benefits for the skin by helping to improve uneven skin tone, boost radiance, minimise large pores, and soften fine lines, to name a few.

In truth, niacinamide isn’t a new word at all. It has been in the skincare world for a very long time. It is known to dermatologists or skin doctors as vitamin B3, and this ingredient is applied topically to the skin. Clinical tests have shown that it stimulates the dermis and plumps up the cells’ fatty content, allowing them to retain more water. Since it is a naturally occurring ingredient, it is an anti-inflammatory ingredient essential to healthy skin cell functions. Niacinamide has also been shown to enhance the epidermis’s barrier function, which helps protect the skin against bacterial attack – the perfect answer for acne sufferers.

Niacinamide is an important ingredient for today’s skin hydration needs.

Niacinamide also prevents UV damage because of its antioxidant properties. Being a naturally occurring ingredient, it improves the overall skin texture by rebuilding a lipid layer. Niacinamide minimises the appearance of pores, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while boosting collagen. It’s excellent for those who suffer from rosacea, sensitive skin, and acne to reduce redness and regulate oil production.

So, who should use it? Practically all skin types and ages. If you’re battling dehydrated skin, it’s also the perfect remedy. For optimal results, it’s best to use it twice a day. Niacinamide comes as a moisturiser or serum and absorbs quickly into the skin.

It is also one of the best remedies to combat under-eye circles, as this will soften the appearance while delivering essential moisture to delicate areas that have lost firmness.

Niacinamide works well with a daily skin regime consisting of broad-spectrum sunscreen. It has become an essential ingredient in your routine when going out in the sun. Make sure to leave home with it!