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Newer, better & more comfortable – Super Hair Removal SHR vs IPL Hair Removal- Why SHR Is Better

You’ve probably been hearing or seeing terms such as SHR, IPL treatments for permanent hair removal touted by beauty salons in Singapore and now wondering what’s the difference between the two? Which one is actually better and more effective?

Did you know that SHR is actually the improved version of IPL? While both of their end results are the same with permanent hair removal, SHR does have advantages over IPL.

Before we dive deeper into SHR vs IPL, let’s look at what each technology does first!

What Is SHR?

SHR machine emitting low fluence repetitive laser pulses for perm har removal


SHR aka Super Hair Removal, Pain free, maximum comfort

Starting of with Super hair removal or SHR for short, it is the latest hair removal treatment in town. This technology destroys hair follicles by using low fluence repetitive laser pulses targeting the susceptible hair follicles. The gentler pulses of energy and the higher frequency keep the trauma and irritation to the skin at a minimum. Hence, the process of SHR hair removal is painless and comfortable.

What Is IPL?

Larger IPL machine emtting single pulse of energy at high intensity for perm hair removal


IPL aka Intense Pulsed Light, more discomfort due to heat & possible skin irritation

While Intense pulsed light or IPL for short, uses a single pulse of energy at high intensity to target melanin. The intense light and energy from IPL are absorbed by melanin and converted into heat energy, which damages the hair follicles, rendering the root of the hair being unable to grow anymore.

SHR vs IPL, How Is It Better Than IPL Hair Removal?

Less Trauma to Skin, Less Irritation

IPL uses conventional high-intensity light pulses which might cause skin irritation and burns. The sensation is also not very comfortable. For SHR, the skin is heated gently, reducing trauma and giving customers more comfort. 

Targets Both Fine and Coarse Hair for Increased Efficiency

IPL light pulses are mainly absorbed by melanin pigments. Hence, it is more effective on dark and coarse hair. Fine and light-colored hair won’t absorb as much light and this will decrease the result of the treatment. People with a darker skin tone might feel more uncomfortable because their skin will absorb the heat too. 

On the other hand, SHR targets both melanin and hair-producing stem cells in the skin. Both coarse and fine hairs are targeted and the regeneration of hair follicles is stopped. The process is more thorough and permanent.

Suitable for all Skin Types

SHR hair removal causes less trauma and irritation so it is a permanent hair removal treatment suitable for all skin types, especially for people with sensitive and tanned skin.

Lesser Sessions Required

IPL hair removal treatments might require a session once every two weeks but SHR could reduce the sessions to once a month. Of course, the exact frequency will depend on your hair condition after an analysis).

Are There Any Side Effects of SHR Removal?

SHR being administered professionally by beautcian


Always make sure SHR is done by professionally certified beauticians

That said, do be cautious of who’s doing the treatment & where you get it done at, make sure the people administering SHR are actual professionals that knows how to do SHR treatment like established beauty salons such as Amber Beila’s own beauticians. 

If not, you’ll end up having permanent skin scarring, hair not being removed completely, blisters just to name a few!

What Do I Have To Look Out For Before Doing SHR?

Do not pluck or wax the targeted area four to six weeks before your treatment. However, you are recommended to shave the area a day before your appointment. This will decrease the damage to your skin as the hair is below the skin’s surface. Also, avoid sun exposure and sunburns as this might cause excessive pain and blistering.

Shaving on selected areas like arm required before SHR


Shaving on selected areas like arm required before SHR

While SHR has been proven to be more effective and comfortable, it is also extremely important to find a reliable and professional beauty salon.

SHR vs IPL Conclusion

So here you have it! After reading through till the end, we hope you’ve arrived at the conclusion that SHR is the better IPL, even though they both arrive at the same result suffice to say SHR is the newer technology with less irritation & more comfort for skin with overall lesser sessions (more efficient) required for permanent hair removal thus saving you some extra money as well!

SHR Vs IPL same end result of perm hair removal on armpit

Never worry about having to constantly shave again for that clean look!

For ladies and gentlemen looking for permanent hair removal treatment, Amber Beila’s SHR actually helps you achieve hair removal in the most comfortable way with no pain and irritation!

Head down to Amber Beila where you can be sure that you are in good hands. Book a session with us now!