Body Treatment

Advance Body Treatment

Take a break from the daily grind and relax in our spa. Amber Beila offers a range of services for body treatments such as slimming, hair removal, back acne removal and massage. We are here to create a positive impact in the lives of our clients. Whether you’re looking to slough your skin to perfection, or tone & detoxify your whole body,  we’ve got a treatment for you!

Our Signature Program

OPT Back Treatment

Oil free back acne removal combines the use of optimal pulse technology and p-acne solution to effectively remove back acne. Resulting in rejuvenate and smooth skin for a clear and smooth back.

Aromatherpy Destress Massage

Rejuvenate, revive and recharge with the ultimate SPA and massage experience at Amber Beila.With our holistic approached all your senses are engaged for maximum benefit to your sense of well-being. Our experienced and well-trained therapists will ensure that your spa session will be memorable and enjoyable.

Brazillian SHR 12 Sessions (Hair Removal)

Achieve a smoother, better skin tone and look by removing unwanted body hair. At Amber Beila, we can help you.  Our advanced technology E Frost Light machine will remove unwanted hair permanently from any part of your body effortlessly without the traditional side effects of pain and irritation.

Cavitation For Slimming

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect body shape. Here at Amber Beila you can have the option to modify your body to your optimum shape with our specialised advanced technology equipment. Our 3D Lamia Cavi machine has the capability to effectively remove stubborn deep fat, cellulite and promote fat metabolism to help you attain your ideal shape.