Acne Facial Treatment

Acne Facial Treatment

Got frustrated by all the self-squeezing of pimples yourself? Doing squeezing and extraction yourself is temporary and may result in scarring and bacteria formation in the long run! At Amber Beila, you can get acne treatment cleansing facial done professionally by our certified beauticians, and expect a clean and glowy face after the session!

Acne Treatment facial is a professional facial cleanse suitable for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. It comes together with extraction to help unclog pores and prevent acne or maskne.

This treatment is proven to be safe and non-invasive with zero downtime! Relax and feel refreshed and confident after the treatment!

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Singapore

Key Benefits

  • Get rid of unwanted oil, excess sebum, toxin, dirt, and bacteria
  • Clean impurities and unclog pores to give a smoother face complexion
  • Professional exfoliation of dead skin cells and extraction to allow the skin to rejuvenate and feel refreshed!
  • Promotes youthfulness and skin health
  • Enable your skincare products to absorb easily after the treatment

What clients say about Acne Treatment Facial

Best Suitable For:

Ladies and Gentlemen who are looking for a safe, effective, and non-invasive deep pore cleansing facial. Get constant treatments at Amber Beila for a route to a clearer and healthier complexion in the long run!

Fun Fact!

Did you know that acne is caused by excess oil and sebum with dead skin cells trapped in pores, resulting in bacteria accumulating and more acnes will appear!

Additionally, while you do extractions and squeezing by yourself, your pores remain wide open with no proper treatment to heal the triggered pores, thus, allowing bacteria to enter and causing new acne to form.


Please book at least 24 hrs before your appointment! For
last-minute booking, please call the respective outlet numbers.
Alternatively, you can enquire via Facebook or Instagram
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    Terms and Conditions*

    Treatment results vary according to individual’s skin condition.

    GST apply


    How do I schedule an appointment ?

    You can schedule your appointment by phone, in person or online.

    How do I choose the right treatment?

    We offer complimentary consultations and can make recommendations to fit your requirements.

    What can I expect from the service provided?

    We will analyze your skin and provide the best suited treatment. During post treatment, we will review the results and recommend the required treatment period.

    Can I wear make up during my facial or body treatment?

    Not to worry ! During facials, our beautician will remove your make up for you.

    What is your cancellation policy ?

    Providing outstanding service is the core of our business. As the slot is reserved especially for you, we ask that you notify us 24 working hours in advance to change or cancel appointments.

    What if I am pregnant ?

    It is a must to inform us if you are pregnant so that our well experienced beautician will recommend the right treatment to you.